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Drawings and stuff...

An INSTAGRAM account for my artworks. Just for my artworks, drawings and stuff...

Many of us spend their days at home these days - due to COVID-19/quarantine.

During this time I will post black/white drawings. One or two at a time...

To print out, colour, collaborate... For you, your friends, your kids...

Let us all work together. Post your results and bring some color into the world during #socialdistance

(Free to use - only non-commercial)

All artworks are mine. Older sketches, drafts, in-between-stage client works...
My ETSY Account

As mentioned before: I love merchandise. This is the easiest way to purchase
a copy of my book or some limited items I produce every once in a while.
Stay tuned for hard limited runs of... art prints, sticker sets...

Housing Swap / August 2012. ...doing a lot of art stuff here, meeting old and new friends and enjoying the city. Here's an online blog I set up to keep all my peeps updated.

Berlin drawings on 10 x 10cm tiles.
Mounted on walls in special places all over the world.

Ongoing Art Project.
My ISSUU Account

...just a few digital publications.

A nice way to display my art worldwide and also an option to buy the original artworks.
Daily Doodles

A blog on my 9 weeks stay in Toronto | On | Canada in spring 2011.
I drew two different series of artworks based on Toronto cityscapes.
The blog was also used as a digital diary. The artworks were shown at
BLOOOM Art Fair 2011 and will be part of my upcoming solo show at
STRYCHNIN gallery later this year.
I will keep you posted with show dates and else…

Simple, clean concept-show based on the subject DEER.
Started in 2006. Specific, set size of 30 x 30cm (about12 x 12 inches).
Artists get invited personally. Any medium – such as painting, drawing,
assemblage, photography etc. is possible. Five intl. art shows already.
About 100 artists from 15 countries contributing by now.

Ongoing Art Project.

Every once in a while I will post some films, animations | collaborations here.
I don't take that too serious...
on demand

I love Merchandise! And so do the guys at ARTSPROJEKT. I was pretty blown
away when ANDY HOWELL asked me to be part of the Artsprojekt family back in
2008. Some years went by and the the whole thing grew a lot since then. Just flip
through those products and get a skateboard deck, a tee-shirt, a mug ... artprints ...
and such produced "on demand".

UK ceramics Co "The New English". Awesomeness in ceramics / bone china.
I am really happy to work with The New English guys. Professional manufacturing
meets mad limited art and design runs.