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 Graphic Recording:


Random Close-ups, scribbles, ... Graphic Recording.

 Graphic Recording:

TRIAD Berlin

Graphic Recording / Visual Recording at a conference in Berlin.

The task was to visualize different workshops during a three day business conference.

Shown are my personal ones - made during two 90 minute sessions of Lego Serious Play.

I put together and took care of a whole team of Visual recorders / working parallel in different conference rooms on various topics.

 Graphic Recording:

BMW Foundation

1st Berlin Global Forum

We did the Visual Recording during the "1st Berlin Global Forum". We = me and four of my students plus friend and fellow artist Carsten Rühlemann. Pictures © Claudia Leisinger. For more info and pictures please see: Flickr/BMWstiftung

 Graphic Recording:

TRIAD Berlin / AHG

AHG Conference

Political themed live drawings during the "Denk ich an Deutschland" conference. Dresden 2010.

 Graphic Recording:



Six day - all day - live drawing for (client) ECB at "BAU" Fair, Munich. A lot of work, but super fun. All done in white on a huge blue panel / wall with a chalk marker. Once one piece was done - it was erased and I started a new one... drawing in motion... Here's a little film.

 Graphic Recording:


This was the third time I was invited to do the live-drawing during the final pitches for "Science to LEAN Startup". 10 minutes / each. Humboldt Universität Berlin

 Graphic Recording:


Prepare 2014

This was the second time I was invited to do the live-drawing during the final pitches for "Prepare 2014". 7 minutes / each. Humboldt Universität Berlin

 Graphic Recording:


Pitch / Live drawing

I was asked to do some live drawing at a pitch / presentation. "PREPARE! Science to Startup" was the headline. The speeches were 8 munites each and every single one (seven all together) on a different topic. Drawing / pointing out the substance / essence of all those speeches was my job. Tough, but super fun (and everybody was happy about the results, yay!). Humboldt Universität Berlin

 Graphic Recording:


Service Fair

Drawing concepts and ideas during a three day MERCEDES BENZ Service Fair in Hannover 2014 | Live drawing